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Caring for Tribal Children

Community Participation :

Parents are sensitized to internalize their role and responsibility for educating their children.We believe that Learning should be Joyful and it can happen only with community participation.

Use of play-way method in teaching with the help of  locally made materials which are mostly donated by parents is the strategy adopted to involve the community in educating children from vulnerable groups.

Co-curricular activities

Vikash facilitates cultural shows, games and sports, competitions,exhibitions,debates, workshops and seminars involving all stake holders and thus encourages community involvement in the process of holistic growth.

Exposure & Outing

Tours to the townships and  nearby scenic spots are organised to encourage broadening of children’s mind and to instill excitement in the young minds.


Involvement of educationists,  government  departments, subject experts, diverse groups and citizens forums in advocacy at the district/state level is a regular practice.

Networking and alliance building at the national and state level is constantly pursued to make these programmes sustainable.

You Can Help The Poor With Us

Encourage us by joining us like many people from India and other countries have done.